Cool sites and useful for sewing techniques, patterns, or just take ideas.

For technical :

A site very useful, even essential, where the basic techniques are explained and detailed photos.

For patrons and free tutorials : bannière loisir créatif

A site where are listed lots of tutorials. Click on the picture of creation that interests you and hop you will be sent to another site. Obviously, we need to sort ... it takes for everyone !

The Web page "la bobine" which includes his bosses. Feel free to go have a look at the rest of the blog, there are plenty of things you can spend some time, it is an amateur seamstress, perhaps, but very productive this blog that takes several years .

A blog community that copines écument the net for you and dénichent patrons with their tutorials. You will find all the styles!

A Japanese site with some free patterns. The site navigation is difficult but doable for those of us who really do not speak Japanese! Then, when we found a garment that you like, you can download the pattern and try to understand. Bon courage!
The operator in question is on an A4 sheet, it should be traced from measurements data and explanations. The Japanese measure in meters and centimeters, not inches and feet, c'est déjà ça! I never had the courage to start my ...

A site in English, but ultimately very few texts ... You'll find clothing patterns for babies simple. The patterns are drawn on graph paper, the tiles are 5 cm by 5 cm, it must reproduce the scale and the work is more than sewing;)

Website with articles and forum, Come learn to sew and get ideas for accessories, patterns and fabrics for sewing and embroidery on the portal Couture Know everything.

Pour des patrons payants:

A place where you find beautiful patterns, but in my opinion quite expensive.

Bosses that we pay (cheap) to download pdf format and print them. Everything is in English, it is an Australian site. The proposed patterns are relatively simple but nice. The only problem is to be sure that his prints at the correct scale, borderless ... Some patterns are free, you can always give it a try. You find yourself with a pdf document containing a dozen sheets need to print and assemble (a puzzle). Your boss, once assembled, can be used. A file contains explanations for sewing, but it is obviously in English.

For ideas and the pleasure of eyes:

A seamstress who sells on e-bay, it will not give you courses or sewing patterns, but I love what it does! This seems quite difficult to start again, but it gives ideas.

Nice ideas, full of tutorials ... And there is not just about couture, fimo, beads ... the choice is yours!

Sewing and bio?

A list of sites listed by the blog "atelier nature", where you can buy organic fabric.