A wallet felt



Draw and cut out templates to the desired shape for your wallet:
templates paper fixed on the baize

Decorate the three-piece sewing forms felt you cut carefully. It is possible to draw and cut its templates, to make a star for example. Points and vary the colors of your son to assemble pieces.

decorated pieces
Prepare the liner :
Sewing together
assembly of the flap, the outside and inside

Insert the lining into the purse (inside dansl'extérieur), then sew the front of the liner with the front del'extérieur.

the liner is assembled and sewn to the front of the wallet

Assemble the flap with the body of your wallet, secure with pins. Sew the flap with the back (outer lining +). Be careful not to sew the front Duport with money! To avoid this unfortunate mistake, rabattreet pins set with the front (see picture, it is obvious to explain).

rabbatre the front to avoid sewing the front and rear and close the wallet
coudre le rabat

front view
back view
wallets open