Les tutoriels de Marieève couture Design clothing and accessories for adults and children as well as sewing tutorials with detailed explanations! 2024-05-23 11:47:46 http://marieve.vuegate.net baby bonnet tutorial A tutorial or even to make a beautiful hat for our beautiful little blond heads 1482853054 http://marieve.vuegate.net/tuto_bonnet_bebe.php ?> tuto tiger blanket The tutorial to make a blanket tiger, stuffed and jersey, a blanket flat and easy to learn, fun and smiling! Drawings for other animals: lion, cow, monkey, bear, rabbit. A tutorial with a lot of photos, templates-patterns to download, explanations step by step! 1482853049 http://marieve.vuegate.net/tuto_doudou_tigre.php ?> tuto finger puppet THE tuto to make nice finger puppets felt, with the templates to download for a cow, a flower and a butterfly. You invent beautiful stories! 1482853053 http://marieve.vuegate.net/tuto_marionnette_doigt.php ?> tuto pocket camera A tutorial for a pocket camera fleece, colorful and cheerful, with detailed explanations and step by step! 1482853052 http://marieve.vuegate.net/tuto_pochette_appareil_photo.php ?> tuto wallet 1482853051 http://marieve.vuegate.net/tuto_porte-monnaie.php ?> tuto Sarouel A short Sarouel. 1482853046 http://marieve.vuegate.net/tuto_sarouel.php ?>