These kits are made with a technique borrowed from the site "benita loca" (You'll find details in the Useful links for sewing ). The stitches were done by hand.
This technique allows the use of remnants that we have at hand.
The first bag is used to store an MP3 player. I offered my second sister and I do not know at all if it is used or not, the format is certainly not practical ...

the pouch
other pocket

I made this wallet felt thick. Everything is sewn by machine! I wanted to test application technology with my new super class sewing machine and it works pretty well. For cons, the format of the cover was not too thoughtful, I am a little disappointed in my actions and this package is useless for now and have been for a while ...

yet another pocket
la même de dos

This is the cover of my mp3 player, in felt thick, but not completely sewn by machine, the round applied were sewn by hand. But this time it no measurement errors. Phew!

and last
et la dernière de dos

That's the bag that I sewed for the camera to my mom, and he is in! Also the technique of small pieces of fabric sewn together, but this time it all points are made by machine. It's great to have a good sewing machine.
The shape of the pouch is complicated. Difficult to do because I'm not making myself really as it should have, but it works and is the principal. So my first 3D model kit.

and the latter for real
and the last for true open
and the last one back for real

Warning, this is my first bag.
This bag was made from three pants, it's entirely the Recycling! '3 D Model ', with adjustable strap (with a single node, but still adjustable), fully lined, zippered flap pocket that is so (no photos ... there is already nothing but 5 photos for this bag He was not exaggerating anyway!) and the detail that kills the inside pocket which is simply the back pocket of trousers which I took the fabric!

my bag retail side
my bag face
my bag across retail side

open my bag
my bag open, the detail that kills

A small bag full of flourishes, inspired bags Amel Création (Sorry for plagiarism, but it is not for sale, I therefore consider that ethics and morals are sound).
A little long to achieve, but I am very happy with the result. Next time I make even greater, because then it does not count much in it ...

my bag in front
my bag back
in my bag
my bag detail

And here's another bag!
This one was specially made for baby! He used to carry his small business, change, bottle, etc.. There are so full of pockets, one outside, two inside compartments each having a pocket.

bag before
my bag back


detail: cat applied
Within Orange

Another pocket camera, this time for my new camera!
If you are interested, go see tutorial I've done to make this package!

the cover over
the cover over

the cover over