petite deco fleurie


  • jersey for the banner (for the jersey, often using old tee-shirt ...)
  • any tissue in the bottom of the bonnet
  • something to decorate: the fabric to make an appliqué, beads ...
  • sew what !
the necessary equipment
small deco floral


Measure around the head of the child, if you do not have the child at hand, see the growth of head circumference in children from 0 to 3 years .
The round head, or head circumference will give you the length of the strip jersey, you can add one or two centimeters to go longer! For the width of the strip, depending on the desired effect. For a strip of 10 cm when the cap is finished, you need the double jersey, or 20 cm wide.
Remember to add a margin of 1 cm for seams before cutting your jersey.

Now we have the diameter of the circle that we go up with the band. For a round head diameter L is L / ft.

For example, I make a hat for newborn, I choose a round head of 38 cm is a bit big but it will cap any longer. I want a hat with a height of 12 cm.
My band jersey will be a rectangle 38 cm by 24 cm.
To find the diameter of the round, I split my head by Pi (3.14), I get j'arrondis and 12 cm in diameter.

petite deco fleurie


Cut your pieces, and round bar, decorate the circle with a shape (circle or otherwise) applied by a button, beads, whatever you want, but do it before making the bonnet.

Remember a margin of 0.5 to 1 cm for seams!
For the round, it is not always easy to draw the compass on the fabric, I use a paper template.

la découpe du rond la déco du rond, pas fini la déco du rond, fini
petite deco fleurie


We start by preparing the strip jersey: Fold your strip in half, place against place (you see the reverse side of fabric), then sew the headband back on his half (see pictures).

1ere étape pour coudre la bande 2eme étape pour coudre la bande 3eme étape pour coudre la bande 4eme étape pour coudre la bande

Then mount the two parts, the operation is the most sensitive ... with some method is not so difficult.
Already it is better to see the two lines you need to assemble: mark the circle with a chalk or a pencil bold, draw the line with chalk on the banner too.
Position the strip and round on the back. You should see the inside of the hat, the hat returned. Pin the two pieces together with 4 points, taking care to position the marks with chalk against one another. So put pins in the middle two pins each time, to distribute the best fabric.

1ere étape pour monter la bande et le rond 2eme étape pour monter la bande et le rond 3eme étape pour monter la bande et le rond

And now, more than sewing! Finish by sewing surjeteuses, turn the cap, it\'s over.

4eme étape pour monter la bande et le rond 5eme étape pour monter la bande et le rond