le sarouel de Mel, titre.

Photo of harem pants
diagram of harem pants from the front
pattern of harem pants back view
decorative pattern

Manufacturing steps

  • Boss
  • Replicate models
  • Cutting fabric
  • Sewing
  • Belts : cut and sew the two belts (part 4 + strips)
  • The harem pants : sewing parts 1 and 2, insert the belts and zippers
  • Lower Sarouel : take the necessary steps, drawing the pattern, cut and add part 3
  • Size : achieve a facing to finish the pants size
  • Finishes : overcast seams.
decorative pattern


  • Tissue Sarouel: 2 meters.
  • Decorative Fabric: 50 cm (not compulsory).
  • Zip, length 15 cm.
  • Thread to match fabrics chosen.
  • Equipment seamstress: sewing machine, pins, paper pattern ...
decorative pattern

The pattern (size 38-40)

At pencils!.
With a pencil, ruler, compass and eraser, duplicate the following documents on paper pattern. For parts having an axis of symmetry, you do draw that half of the room, then you ask your boss about the fabric folded in half to make the whole room.
Do not draw any how, of course, but do not look for absolute accuracy, we are not in millimeter.

boss part 1
boss part 2
the boss part 3
the boss part 4
boss part 5

Exhibit 1

Workpiece 2 times in the fabric of harem pants (right and left side of harem pants).

Room 2

Workpiece 2 times in the fabric of harem pants (front and rear of harem pants).

Exhibit 3

Item will be drawn after the assembly step of harem pants, so for now, we do not deal with it.

Exhibit 4

Workpiece 4 times. Two copies of harem pants in the fabric by turning the model: one copy with the long side right (belt right), another with the long side on the left (belt left). Then do the same thing in fabric decoration.

Exhibit 5

Cutting Room 4 times 2 times in the fabric of harem pants, 2 times in the fabric decoration.

When the pieces are cut, raise the edge of the pattern on the fabric with chalk or thread (no built).

decorative pattern



  • Strips

    To cut a piece 5 in the fabric of harem pants and a cut piece 5 in the decoration fabric place where cons, pin, sew on ANY length (the strap is too thin and too long to be sewn in two lengths and then returned as a sock). Return to pieces against the cons along the seam and press. Tuck edges of length not sewn, pin and sew. At the same time, careful to finish the strap on the small side, finishing at right angles or obliquely.
    Do the same for the second strip.

  • Triangles

    Take two pieces 4: a cut in the fabric of harem pants, big right hand, a cut in the fabric decoration, large side to the left. The assembly place cons point, sew the two sides slanting back like a sock and iron.
    Do the same with the two remaining four parts.

  • Assembly

    Back again the triangles (you should see the back of the fabric and stitching). Insert a strip by his unfinished side IN the triangle, the long side of the triangle. Make aligning the edges of the strip (unfinished side) with the edges of the triangle (small side). Stitch and turn the iron triangle.

photo Belt
2nd picture of the belt

The assembly of harem pants

It must sew together the four parts 1 and 2, by inserting the two belts and zippers. The zipper is mounted to be hidden in the triangle of a girdle.
We begin by mounting a one-piece and two piece, by placing them against right place and inserting a Belt (Make sure to put the belt against the location of the pièce2). It is pin and sew.
Ascent belt on the piece remaining one remaining place where cons and you sew. It then assembles this part with part 2 already sewn by inserting the closure éclair.Si you have trouble installing the flash fermeure, take a look by "here",[["adverb","here","hither","over here"]] .
You have one piece 2 to assemble and sew, without belt or zipper insert.
When all pieces are sewn, you end up the seam of the crotch.
And you can already try to see if it suits you!

Top photo of harem pants size without

The bottom of harem pants

Measure the circumference of the lower leg of the harem pants that you sew, you must have a length of 55-60 cm. Cut 4 rectangles of this length and height 12 cm, 2 rectangles in the fabric of harem pants, 2 others in the fabric decoration.
Build place cons point, sewing. Return the two fabrics and iron.

three pieces sewn
three parts assembled with the harem pants

Build with harem pants, place against place. You can place the open side on the inside or outside of the leg.

Fold the bottom of the leg and return the harem pants harem pants (harem pants to the upside). Return the decorative fabric on the inside, pin, sew.

retail fashion
retail fashion-following
retail fashion-following


It should be siding with decorative fabric.
Draw panel: place paper pattern on the size of harem pants, harem pants having folded at the seams between parts 1 and 2. Draw-through along the waist and 3 cm along the seams. Write 'before' or 'back' and make a mark for recognizing the side where there is the zipper on the other side. Cut the model created. Return the harem pants on the other side and do the same.
Cut both your siding with 2 models by placing them on the wrong side. Sew together two walls (the side where there will be no zipper).
Install siding, pinning, sewing, ironing and then return them. It remains only to fold the fabric on the inside to make a nice seam.

to the siding, photo 1
to the siding, photo 2
to the siding, photo 3
to the siding, photo 4
to the siding, photo 5
to the siding, photo 6
to the siding, photo 6


You can overcast all inseams. For some tissues is essential, for others it is simply a more polished appearance.
There is more than add a snap or a normal button with a button at the bottom of the leg of harem pants, the part that opens.