My first project entirely sewn by hand because I had no sewing machine. I used a pattern of Chinese style blouse that I completely transforms: I took the large size to a 'cloak', changed the way close, the elongated tunic blouse, added a hood, a pocket ventral.
The kanji on the bag is truly Japanese and means fire.

detail of closure


the first coat
detail of closure

Subsequently, a tunic in particular tissues that was not necessarily to everyone's taste ... You decide.
I created my boss taking measures with a coat that I liked using the previous owner of the garment to have the shape of the armhole.

de dos de face

Then a dress and a tunic with fabric that I brought back from Africa.
All this without ever boss ... but the technique is improving gradually and luckily my mom finished the dress for me because I had everything assembled without sewing and more I knew exactly where I was. Thank you mom. Incidentally, it taught me a few very useful techniques such as facings to finish a neck or armholes Sleeveless (I do not know if it's very clear ...). These techniques have served well for the shirt, there are facings for all finishes, collars, sleeves and even the bottom rounded bottom of the shirt!

Sorry for the dress, there is still no picture. It is a backless dress, difficult to take a picture hanging on a hanger and right now, I fit more inside ... I hope it comes back, but for now it's normal!

de face de dos

Two T-shirts jersey.
I got a boss with site that offers patrons to download, print it and voila! Some employers are free, most are paying, I tried not to pay ... Prices are in Australian dollars, but I think it is possible to pay from Europe. The only problem is having a well regulated printer, print borderless able to reconstitute his boss from solid sheets of A4!

le tee-shirt en question le deuxième tee-shirt en question